Ron Browning

Cinderella Love

Rad Daly from Paramount TV's Bad News Bears
Ron Browning ASCAP


Rad Daly was a voice student of mine at the time. He was in the Bad News Bears cast at Paramount. He happened to mention me during one of the rehearsals and the casting directors at Paramount took an interest in the idea of letting one of the Bears do some music. So Paramount called me and had me bring in some songs the next day. They loved this song and rewrote the episode around it, calling the episode, "Birds, the Bees, and the Bears." Paramount also hired me as music director for the song and vocal coach for the cast. Rad went on to do hundreds of commercials, including the singing apple in all of the Fruit of the Loom commercials. He was the son on the movie, 10, with Julie Andrews and Arthur Hamilton. The casting directors loved to watch me work with the kids and Penny Marshal got the idea to write a recurring role for me in Happy Days. Later, they offered me a cameo in Mork and Mindy. I wish I had taken them up on it! At the time I was just trying to be a successful songwriter and voice coach. Cut and paste this link into your browser to see and hear the song.


CINDERELLA LOVE by Ron Browning copyright 1979 ASCAP In my imagination is the prettiest girl I've seen, Pretty as real as England's Queen. I believe with all my might That she's materialize... And kiss me like a princess Right before my very eyes. CHORUS: Here's your slipper You're all that I think of. Here's your slipper, My Cinderella Love. Hey, Cinderella.... I'm your fella, My Cinderella Love. Everyday I wonder when girls give me those looks, Which one will be special like the ones in story books. When I think I've found her, I'll ask her over to dance, And that might be the start Of my very first romance. (to chorus) BRIDGE: Let's share....summer sun together. Let's wander through....the rainy weather.....(to chorus)