Ron Browning

Do the Jog

Al Styne RCA Recording Artist
Ron Browning ASCAP 1979


Al Styne was an Australian RCA artist and a very popular television personality. I was introduced to him through Helen Reddy and Toni Lamond eons ago so the music certainly sounds very outdated. Al was always trying to do something "hip." He became aware of how popular Jim Fixx was becoming with his books and videos on jogging. So Al came up with the idea to write lyrics to a disco song about jogging. McDonald's was interested for the longest in using this as an advertisement. So the end would be: You can jog in the park, You can jog in the street. You can jog in the dark, You can jog to a beat. On a bet, on a dare, With a smile, not a care, And to McDonald's-- They do it all for you! RCA re-released this on a Best of the 70's LP called "Eggs and Bacon." Ralph Lew, famous choreographer, who came up with John Travolta's "finger pointing" move in Saturday Night Fever, made up a dance called THE JOG to go with this song. He was responsible for getting this song to the Arthur Murray Dance Studios in New York and the dance craze began. It spread to the west coast and Al Styne showcased Do the Jog at Cher's roller rink, called "Flipper." The concert was sponsored by Billboard Magazine. The song was later considered for other commercials.


Lyrics by Al Styne. Music by Ron Browning and Ron Creager