Ron Browning


Written assessments about the quality of vocal technique and stage performance, used by a singer on the gig, are very helpful for organizations investing large sums of money into an act. Whether you are representing a record label, a publisher, or an entertainment agency, you will want to know that what you are about to invest in is solid. Although some singers can make a flashy first appearance, their vocal technique will sometimes land them in vocal rehabilitation while the show is put on hold. An assessment might point out early that the artist could use a little more coaching or toughening up in the voice department before adventuring out, night after night, on tour to promote their newly released CD. Or, maybe the voice is in tip top shape, but the act goes no where. There is no charisma happening on stage! There is NO SHOW to be seen! The artist just stands there! This artist needs performance coaching. As someone investing in musical acts, you will want to know what you are buying! If the act is in Nashville, TN, my fees are $250 per hour to come to your show, take notes, and then send the document to your company. Email me at for more details. Or call me at 615.294-3371.