Ron Browning


Skype makes it easy to have a face to face lesson with me, even if you live on the other side of the globe. Send me an email inquiring about Skype lessons. I'll send you information and we can set a date for a voice lesson. Email me at Or call me at 615.294.3371. Download the free version of Skype at Be sure you have a microphone and a cam plugged into your computer. It's like being here in my studio! You'll be able to record your lesson directly to your hard drive and burn it later to a CD. Or save it as a wave file (via Garage Band or another digital recorder) and put it on your iPod. Skype is great for singers getting ready to do a music video or making a TV appearance. PHONE LESSONS Phone lessons are easy to do. They are especially handy for the artist on tour. Phone is also great for artist counseling, and general warm-ups for those headed into the recording studio. Phone is an easy way to check in for singer's battling vocal abuse and are on a special workout program for better vocal health.