Alison Krauss – 27 Grammy Award Country/Bluegrass Artist --"Studying with Ron Browning has been the most exciting thing that could've happened to my life as a musician! I haven't felt this happy and intrigued with singing since I was a kid. The joy I feel at the thought of what I might learn at the next lesson keeps me up at night. He is the highest note!  A genius!" 

Amy Grant— Multiple Grammy Award winning pop singer and referred to as Queen of Christian pop --“Working with you is one of the experiences I am treasuring.  I’m in this with you for the long haul.  Thanks to you, there are moments when I feel like my old self again:  Totally unselfconscious and free!  Last night felt like a miracle. FUN. RISKY. You’re right, surrender is a moment by moment experience. My mind was blown. Still is. Greg Morrow, who plays drums and is one of the best musicians I have ever known, said, ‘Don't ever stop going to see that vocal coach!’ Every song was exponentially improved. I cannot say thank you enough.” 

Ashley Cleveland--3 Grammy Awards for Best Rock Christian Album and 9 Critically Acclaimed Albums--"Is there anything more intimate, more a source of identity, more an indication of place and personality than my voice?  No.  For years it was life itself to me, the instrument that let me get out of my head and into my heart.  Until it didn’t.  I came to Ron because my friend Amy said he had changed her life and helped her reclaim the joy of singing.  At that point—the joy of singing felt like a long shot—I would have been happy to just eliminate a few of the 20 bad habits and gatekeepers between me and my vocal cords.  I thought Ron was a coach.  It turns out he is a soul friend and companion—with skills!  I lost myself in a song the last time I performed.  I honestly did not think that would happen again and I know it wouldn’t have happened at all if I hadn’t walked through Ron Browning’s door."

David Chase—Musical Director and Conductor for Sound of Music Live NBC—“Ron, the show was a huge success thanks to you!”  

Renee Fleming--World renown Metropolitan opera star of the concert stage, TV, radio, and a Grammy-winning recording artist--"We need Ron, the voice whisperer!  Thank you for your skills!"

Rachael Price – Lead singer of Lake Street Dive -- “Ron Browning—How could I sing without your magic!”  

Vanessa Carlton, pop icon and “Carole King” in Beautiful—the Carole King Musical—Ron, you made this possible.  Your genius, artisty, and sensitivity got me on the track!  Thanks for bring me to life!  You are a genius!”  

Langhorne Slim and The Law—“Ron is more than a vocal coach.  He’s a spiritual force!  He’s as good for the voice as he is for the soul and that’s a rare and beautiful thing!” 

Martina McBride – Grammy winning country artist -- “The work we did together was incredibly powerful and important in my recovery. You helped me so much and laid the groundwork for the progress I am enjoying now. I still use many of the things we worked on together and your words resonate with me pretty much every time I step onstage. Thank you so much for all you have done for me. 

Maestro Lorin Maazel, conductor of New York Philharmonic and Munich Philharmonic --  "Ron is simply a master!  The singers absolutely love working with him." 

Wynonna Judd, Grammy Winner Country Artist - Ron has taken me to the next level. When the student is ready, the teacher appears.  God sent Ron to me just in time!  What a blessing!” 

Patti LaBelle, Grammy Winner Pop R&B—“Ron is a miracle worker and I thank him for my voice. I never believed in vocal coaches until today.  Ron has made a believer out of me!” 

Jamey Johnson, Award winning Country Music "outlaw" artist—“Allergies and contrasting weather conditions can present tremendous challenges to a touring vocalist. I cannot count the times that sinus/chest congestion and laryngitis have threatened to force me to cancel or reschedule a performance. Ron Browning’s coaching techniques have repeatedly saved the day by helping me find my voice in those times when it seemed all was lost. A quick warm-up with Ron (usually over a phone call) and I have the voice, air support, range and confidence to perform at my best even when I feel at my worst.” 

Allen Stone – “Ron is such a delicate and supportive spirit. I've never felt as comfortable and safe with a vocal teacher. His approach to singing is smart and easy to grasp." 

Naomi Judd – Grammy Winner Country Artist - “Ron is the King of vocal coaches.  He de-mystifies vocal technique and puts it in the simplest of terms.  It is so comforting having him on the road with me.” 

BBC Radio Simply Classics Host, Ben MacDougall – “Ron is a legend!” 

Ron Block – Grammy winning bluegrass artist (Oh Brother Where Art Thou) -- “Ron—You’re the best vocal coach ever!  I’m so thankful for you!  You Rule!” 

RaeLynn – “I love you so much!  Thank you for making me a better singer.  You are my vocal archangel!” 

Andy Ross, The American Rebel—“If I can’t sing without Ron Browning being beside me, then I might as well quit!” 

Chris Lane – Award winning country artist -- “Thanks for all the help!  You Rock!” 

David Jenkins (Pablo Cruise Band) – “Ron, thank you, thank you, thank you for getting me out of my head!” 

Waterloo Revival – “Ron, thanks for everything!” 

Sierra Hull – “Thanks for all the inspiration.  You are the best!  Love Sierra!” 

David Howley – “The journey to find my voice has just begun.  Thank you for inspiring that!” 

Meghan Linsey – “Ron, thank you for changing my life!” 

The Ace of Cups – “Thank you for bringing your magic to the Ace of Cups.  We are thrilled!  Freedom!  Flowing!  Dancing with Ron—the best!” 

Sheila Houlihan--Mezzo Soprano West Coast Professional Opera—“Ron's teaching is ultra-intuitive. He says everything in a way that is immediately understandable. The results are instantaneous and permanent. I couldn't recommend him more for any singer in any genre at any stage of their career. Ron's training will open you up to a world of artistry you never knew existed. He is a one-in-a-million kind of teacher.” 

David Reuter, producer/songwriter- Big Tent Publishing—“There are so many "Behind The Scenes" things that go on here in Nashville that I get to be part of and one of the BEST things that I get to do is Back-Up an Artist at a Vocal Lesson. Everyone sees photos of Artists when they're on stage performing or when they're in the studio recording but long before an Artist gets on stage, there are Countless Hours of VERY Hard Work that take place "Behind The Scenes". Yesterday, I spent an hour backing-up Kristen Parisi here in Nashville at her Vocal Lesson with Ron Browning. Ron is an Amazing Person and Vocal Coach and and it's uplifting for me to watch the interaction between Ron and Kristen for an hour and to listen to Ron's sensitive and gentle suggestions that produce great results. An Artists always benefits from insightful suggestions on how to improve and Ron's Vocal Coaching is simply World Class. When this young lady gets to where she wants to get to in the Music Industry, I know that a big part of her success will be because of Ron Browning. It's GREAT that I get to take and share "Stage Photos" and "Performance Photos" and Recording Session Photos" but this photo of Ron and Kristen is a glimpse of what really goes on here in Nashville BEHIND THE SCENES.” 

Brian Wesley Cag of Action Item—“As voice coaches go, you rule Ron!”   

Heather Mae—“Oh my goodness. Crying tears of joy. Thank you so much Ron. It really does mean so much to have you in my corner. I don't even know what to say...thank you. Thank you for bringing me back and making me better than before. A better person, a better singer, a better me. Love you ♥ 

Steve Conn—“Ron Browning is one of THE best vocal coaches to be found AND a great piano player and songwriter. Hopefully he is also patient enough to drill his genius through my thick skull!” 

Joanna—Columbia Records Artist—“Hey Ron!!  Just wanted to thank you again for the great visit I had with you, and let you know how WELL the exercises and the herb regimen is working!!  It's great!!!  My singing has markedly improved, not to mention how I feel, too!  Hope I get to come back and see you again soon.” 

Dionna Devincenzi—“You have a gift for teaching... very gentle and yet you get to the point.” 

J Nae Fincannon—“I just finally, officially finished my album lead vocals with Ron Browning. I've spent the last month in the studio with him. Some people come into your life & you're never the same. Ron is one of those people. Because of him, I will never sing, love or be the same. I've learned more about music, voice, priorities & life than I can express into words. He's made me better, deeper & truly open to every new possibility.” 

Neale Eckstein—“Thanks, Ron. I can't believe what 10 minutes in your spotlight did for my singing.” 

Maggie Chapman—“I felt this whole new sense of vocal confidence while performing on the little tour that I was on this past week that is completely because of YOU! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You're a life-changer. See you soon!” 

Jace and Dorothy Seavers—Meet the Seavers—“Both Dorothy and I want to thank you again for taking time out of your busy schedule to spend time with us.  Our lesson with you was uplifting, exciting and very, very useful. We both marvel at your ability to hear and discern what is needed for us vocally. You have an uncanny knack for explaining how and why to make things work in a manner to your students can understand and readily use. On top of this, the personal advice you give is always stellar. You are a truly special individual and we are honored and thankful to have you as a friend and mentor.” 

Kristen Parisi--Songwriter/Artist/Producer with Big Tent Publishing—“Thank you so much for the lesson yesterday, It was very eye opening and it makes me even more excited to perform. I can't wait to get out there!  Your methodology really resonates with me and you are so uplifting to work with. Just wanted to let you know that I am very thankful that you have taken me on as a student.” 

Kevin Mahogany, jazz artist—“To say Ron is the best is an understatement! I can’t thank him enough!” 

Steve Szymanski, Vice-president of Planet Bluegrass Song School in CO--“Ron was an instant hit at The Song School. He possesses the tools and ability to connect deeply with singer- songwriters and help them deliver their best performance.” 

Paul Reisler, songwriter/producer/music educator--“Ron is one of the small hand-full of teachers I have met in my life who listens so intently that he always knows what to do to take his students to the next level. He’s supportive, adventurous, brilliant, masterful, and full of heart. He’s simply one of the best teachers of anything I’ve ever seen.  Ron’s helped me uncover a part of myself that I always longed for and never had the courage to touch. His gift will help me do the same for those I teach.” 

Lori Mechem--Nashville Jazz Workshop’s Founder and Director and jazz pianist--“Ron is simply one of the best vocal coaches in this part of the United States. Ron teaches in a very professional manor and shows respect and love to each of his students. His dedication to our vocal program has been overwhelming, and his classes are the most popular!! I have seen amazing transformations with his students, young, old, amateur or pros. We feel very privileged to have him on board at the Nashville Jazz Workshop.” 

Annie Sellick, jazz singer—“I have never seen a class of singers so supportive of one another.  The encouragement amongst the singers is VERY VERY special and VERY VERY rare.  It's like Ron follows his heart on something that is instinct more than method and it takes off like crazy.  The singers in the class who "get it" - the celebration of encouragement, that honesty (in pure sound and in verbal feedback) are really on to something and it seems to just get better and better.   I could see this, however unconventional, being a new "method".   It is fun, psychologically liberating and vocally liberating. Ron somehow taps into a vocal "way" that is needed and it is enlightening.  He perfectly fosters what comes out out naturally in each singer in the class - in their voices and in their interactions with each other.”